Bangla Short Film || Arranged Marriage

, প্রকাশ: ২০১৬-০৭-২৭ ২২:৫০:৫৮

This short film is made from the love story of Mili and Irfan. A love story which begin after marriage. Today’s world we make relationship at teen age. Arrange marriage is very rare now a days.

[showhide type=”More”]This short film is different story of love. Mili is a girl who do not make any relationship before marriage. Irfan who have a girlfriend before marriage. They got marriage, the two people from different city. They did not know each other before marriage.

After marriage they are not used to their behavior. It’s really hard to make ready for a new environment. After few days of marriage they start to live in a new apartment. New story begins. Let’s see this romantic short film “Arrange Marriage” and enjoy a new love story.

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